Stereo Japan


Stereo TokyoStereo Japan is a Japanese idol group formed in 2015.

It currently consists of 12 members. Each one has been assigned a color.

The idol group performs electro dance music (EDM) songs.

Biography / History

At the origin, Stereo Japan was comprised of 14 members split into 2 teams Stereo Tokyo and Stereo Osaka.

As you have probably guessed, they were mainly active locally in both cities.

The concept is to mix kawaii girls and club theme.

The members are also elementary and junior high school students.

There is one DJ in each unit. They are Miura Nanako and Aoki Shie.

Stereo Japan’s 1st single Electron was released in May 2015.

Their 1st mini-album Anthem, on sale in July 2015, was the last collaboration between the units from Osaka and Tokyo.

In October 2015, Stereo Osaka quit Stereo Japan due to disagreements between the persons in charge of the management about the future projects. Its 8 members have been transferred to a new idol group named Edge Dub Monkeyz.


  • Stereo Japan
  • Years active : 2015 – present
  • Label : Bermuda Entertainment Japan
  • Agency : Tsubasa Plus


Stereo TokyoStereo Tokyo

  • Shiina Ayaka (椎名彩花) – Green
  • Saionji Misa (西園寺美沙) – Yellow
  • Yagi Kurumi (八木未来) – Red
  • Kawamura Yurina (河村ゆりな) – Blue
  • Miura Nanako (三浦菜々子) – Purple
  • Kishimori Chihana (岸森ちはな) – White

Former Members

Stereo OsakaStereo Osaka

  • Honmo Natsumi (本母菜摘) – Blue
  • Yamada Yuki (山田由樹) – Orange
  • Tanaka Sayumi (田中彩友美) – Pink
  • Fujiwara Juri (藤原寿莉) – Yellow
  • Aoki Shie (青木詩絵) – Green
  • Kikuta Makoto (菊田愛琴) – Red
  • Shigemoto Yuka (重本悠花) – White
  • Komichi Anna (小道杏奈) – Purple



  • 20/05/2015 : Electron
  • 28/10/2015 : Party People / Party Goes


  • 31/07/2015 : Anthem



Stereo Tokyo

Stereo Osaka

Stereo Japan