StylipS – The Lightning Celebration


StylipS - The Lightning CelebrationStylipS’ best-of album The Lightning Celebration will be released on April 24.

The album contains 13 songs including the previous singles of StylipS.

It includes solo songs performed by the members of the idol group.

The limited editions come with either a Blu-ray or a DVD featuring music videos and bonus footage.

Furthermore, Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori announced their graduation from StylipS.


  • CD
    1. The Lightning Celebration
    2. Study × Study
    3. Baby Kiss (ベイビィKiss☆)
    4. Seishun Plan (セーシュンプラン)
    5. Blue Moon Dream feat. Noto Arisa
    6. Fragile Crazy (Romance Edit)
    7. Honey Groove
    8. Tsu・Ba・Sa
    9. Miracle Rush
    10. Hatsukoi Evolution (初恋Evolution)
    11. Choose Me Darling (Choose Me♡ダーリン)
    12. Wagamama Buddy feat. Noto Arisa (わがままバディー)
    13. Brand-new Style!! ~Mahou Mitai na Show Time~ (Brand-new Style!! ~魔法みたいなShow Time~)
  • CD2 (Type A)
    1. Study × Study feat. Ogura Yui (Lesson3 in Wonderland)
    2. Hatsukoi Evolution feat. Matsunaga Maho (初恋Evolution)
    3. Tsu・Ba・Sa feat. Ishihara Kaori
    4. Miracle Rush feat. Noto Arisa
    5. Honey Groove feat. Matsunaga Maho
    6. Choose Me Darling feat. Ogura Yui & Ishihara Kaori (Choose Me♡ダーリン)
    7. Baby Kiss feat. Noto Arisa (ベイビィKiss☆)
    8. Brand-new Style!! ~Mahou Mitai na Show Time~ feat. Ishihara Kaori (Brand-new Style!! ~魔法みたいなShow Time~)
    9. Miracle Rush feat. Ishihara Kaori
    10. Fragile Crazy feat. Ogura Yui
    11. Brand-new Style!! ~Mahou Mitai na Show Time~ feat. Matsunaga Maho (Brand-new Style!! ~魔法みたいなShow Time~)
    12. Choose Me Darling feat. Noto Arisa & Matsunaga Maho (Choose Me♡ダーリ)
    13. Baby Kiss feat. Ogura Yui (ベイビィKiss☆))
    14. Tsu・Ba・Sa feat. Noto Arisa
  • Blu-ray (Type A) / DVD (Type B)
    1. Study × Study (Music Video)
    2. Miracle Rush (Music Video)
    3. Choose Me Darling (Choose Me♡ダーリ) (Music Video)
    4. Study × Study (Lesson Style)
    5. Miracle Rush (Lesson Style)
    6. Choose Me Darling (Choose Me♡ダーリ) (Lesson Style)
    7. Study × Study (Making Style)
    8. Miracle Rush (Making Style)
    9. Choose Me Darling (Choose Me♡ダーリ) (Making Style)
    10. Study × Study (CM Style)
    11. Miracle Rush (CM Style)
    12. Choose Me Darling (Choose Me♡ダーリ) (CM Style)
    13. Dharma Otoshi Battle!! (ダルマ落としBattle!!)