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Kuroki Hinako (Alice Project) × Hana Girl

Kuroki HinakoKuroki Hinako participated in a project in collaboration with Hana Girl (Hanaガール).

This project aims to enhance the beauty of girls and flowers.

Some photos and a video were published online.

Kuroki Hinako is part of Alice Project. She is a member of Machikado Keiki Japan and Pa-Ken.


Machikado Keiki Japan – Abeno Mix

Machikado Keiki Japan - Abeno MixMachikado Keiki Japan’s debut single Abeno Mix (アベノ☆Mix) will be released on May 1.

Machikado Keiki Japan is a new idol group part of Alice Project. It has an original concept which consists in changing the length of the members’ skirts according to the economic situation.

The CD contains 3 songs. Regular and limited editions are available.

The title of the single refers to “Abenomics”, the name given to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan for the country’s economic recovery.


Alice Juban – Hadouken!

Alice Juban - HadoukenIn recent weeks, you have probably discovered the Hadouken / Kamehameha meme in which people take pictures of themselves using the special attacks of the same name from the Street Fighter and Dragon Ball series.

Alice Juban members made their own version of the popular internet meme.

Watch out the photos.


Alice Juban & Steamgirls – Kamen Joshi

Alice Juban & Steamgirls - Kamen JoshiAlice Juban and Steamgirls have released a collaboration single titled Kamen Joshi (仮面女子) on March 6.

The single contains 3 songs : Zenkai☆Hero (全開☆ヒーロー) performed by Alice Juban, High and Low by Steamgirls, and Wohhhh!!!! by both idol groups.

Alice Juban and Steamgirls are part of Alice Project.