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Candye♡Syrup – Graduation of all members and new auditions


Several announcements were made about the idol group Candye♡Syrup.

Current members have announced their future graduation from Candye♡Syrup.

No specific reason was given as to why members would graduate. However, another notice was published shortly announcing the beginning of the auditions of the second mount, for new girls. Women aged 16-28 are encouraged to apply, with auditions taking place from June 26 to July 8.


Candye♡Syrup – White Russian EP

Candye♡Syrup - White Russian

Candye♡Syrup will release their new single White Russian EP on June 20th.

This is the 2nd single by the idol group Candye♡Syrup.

Check out the MV for White Russian below.


Candye♡Syrup – iDOL Can Dye Sick Rock!!

Candye♡Syrup - iDOL Can Dye Sick Rock!!

The new idol group Candye♡Syrup released its new album iDOL Can Dye Sick Rock !! on February 7.

This is Candye♡Syrup’s first mini album.

Check out below the three music videos of the songs Candye♡Syrup, Idol of Death (feat. m!sa) and Idol Death Ska !?.