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FES☆TIVE – Susume Zipangu

FES☆TIVEFES☆TIVE‘s new single Susume Zipangu (進めジパング) will be released on March 16th.

It is a catchy song whose theme is “from festive Japan to the World”. The lyrics include words such as “sushi” or “samurai” which symbolize the Land of the Rising Sun.

FES☆TIVE members perform an energetic dance in the MV.


FES☆TIVE – Kingyo no Kin-chan

FES☆TIVEFES☆TIVE‘s new single Kingyo no Kin-chan (金魚のきんちゃん) will be on sale on November 25.

The theme is “Goldfish scooping” (金魚すくい; kingyo sukui), a traditional Japanese game whose concept is to catch a goldfish with a special scooper. It is a common activity that can be played at summer festival stalls in Japan.

A video message by the members of the idol group has been published.


Fes☆tive – Omatsuri Hero

Fes☆tive - Omatsuri HeroFes☆tive‘s new single Omatsuri Hero (お祭りヒーロー) will be released on May 13.

It is the major debut single of Fes☆tive. Indeed, the idol group signed under the label Tokuma Japan Communications in early 2015.

The MV has been unveiled.