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Ono Erena – Erena the Movie

Ono Erena - Erena the MovieOno Erena (ex AKB48) released the DVD Erena The Movie on September 25.

This DVD celebrates the 1st anniversary of the solo debut of Ono Erena.

It includes footage of her trip Erepyon Taiwan e Iku (えれぴょん台湾へ行く), the live performance held for the release of her 1st  album Erena, and a collection of music videos.


Ono Erena – Erena

Ono Erena - ErenaOno Erena’s 1st solo album Erena will be released on June 19.

The album includes Ono Erena’s latest singles and 8 original songs.

The regular edition contains 2 bonus tracks.

The limited edition Type A comes a DVD featuring the music video and a documentary with live concert footage, interview…

The limited edition Type B contains a 2nd CD including 9 songs from Nico Nico Douga.


Ono Erena – Fighting Hero

Ono Erena - Fighting HeroOno Erena’s new single Fighting Hero (ファイティング☆ヒーロー) will be released on May 29.

It is the theme song for the drama Tank Top Fighter (タンクトップファイター) starring Ono Erena (former AKB48) and Kawashima Umika (9nine).

The regular edition contains only the title song and its instrumental version.

The limited editions includes a different bonus track for each type. They also come with a DVD featuring the music video, making-of, and other footage.