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Anzu & Risa to graduate from Fruity

FruityFruity announced the graduation of Anzu and Risa. Both members will graduate on March 31.

Risa has to leave the group due to health problems.

Anzu decided to stop her activities as an idol.

Anzu is representing an apricot and Risa a pineapple in the idol group Fruity.


Fruity – Watashi wa Anata no Idol

FruityFruity’s new single Watashi wa Anata no Idol (私は、あなたのアイドル♥) will be released on February 17.

It is their 10th single.

The CD contains only 2 songs.


Sapporo Idol Parade

Kotone Mai, Fruity, Jewel Kiss, Naaboudoufu@NanaKotone Mai, Fruity, Jewel Kiss, Naaboudoufu@Nana, Why@Doll, and JK21 will perform at Sapporo Idol Parade.

The concert will take place on February 2 at Sound Lab Mole, Sapporo.


Locodol Daisakusen Team Haikara-san – Locodol no Zutto Zutto

Locodol Daisakusen Team Haikara-sanLocodol Daisakusen Team Haikara-san’s debut single Locodol no Zutto Zutto (ロコドルのずっとずっと) will be released on January 16.

Locodol Daisakusen Team Haikara-san (ロコドル大作戦 チーム ハイカラさん) is a special unit from the online card game Locodol Daisakusen. It consists of 5 members selected from local idol groups : Mayu (Pramo), Risa and Anzu (Fruity), Kunimoto Marina and Yasuda Rei (HR).


Sapporo Girls Link Vol.1

e-Street Sapporo

e-Street Sapporo, Fruity, and other idol groups will perform at Sapporo Girls Link Vol.1.

The live will be held on October 13 at Studio Link’s in Sapporo.


Idol Parade Vol. 1, 2, 3

Idol ParadeIdol Parade Vol. 1, 2 & 3 compilation albums will be released on September 5.

45 idol groups, including Jewel Kiss, CQC’s, RYUTist, Mary Angel, Afilia Saga East, Candy Go! Go!, Manaminorisa, JK21, Alice Juban, Sketch, and more are featuring in the albums.

Each volume of the CD contains 15 songs.


HMV Nippon Juudan Idol Ranbu 2012

HMV Nihonjūdan Idol Ranbu 2012HMV is going to organize Nippon Juudan Idol Ranbu 2012 live tour in August.

The tour includes 6 dates. The idols performing will change at each event. However Shiritsu Ebisu Chūgaku, Dempagumi.inc, Tomato n’ Pine, Dorothy Little Happy, LinQ, Mary Angel, Jewel Kiss, Team Syachihoko, and more idols will participate in the concerts.


Tokyo Idol Festival 2012

Tokyo Idol Festival 2012Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 will be held on the weekend of August 4-5 at Zepp DiverCity. A total of 108 idol groups will perform on the different stages of the festival.