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Nogizaka46 members in 3 horror movies

Nogizaka46 members in 3 horror moviesNojo Ami, Nakada Kana and Ito Nene from Nogizaka46 will be starring in 3 horror movies that will be released consecutively in theaters between April and June.

Nojo Ami will make an appearance in Shi no Jikkyou Chuukei (死の実況中継 劇場版) directed by Jindo Masaaki.

Nakada Kana will play in Death Blog (デスブログ 劇場版) by the same director.

Ito Nene will be the heroine of Sugisawa Mura Densetsu (杉沢村伝説 劇場版) by Yasutake Torii.