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Oda Sakura – Greeting ~Oda Sakura~

Greeting ~Oda Sakura~Oda Sakura’s (Morning Musume) 1st DVD Greeting ~Oda Sakura~ (Greeting 〜小田さくら〜) will be released on January 30.

The DVD includes a documentary on the new member of Morning Musume until her debut, an interview, and more.

It is part of e-Hello! series.


Morning Musume 11th Generation – Oda Sakura

Oda Sakura (Morning Musume)

Oda Sakura, 13 years old, has been selected as the only member of Morning Musume’s 11th generation.

She was part of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei (formerly Hello! Pro Egg) since November 2011.

More than 7000 candidates attended the audition. It had started in May and was called Suppin Utahime (スッピン歌姫).

The result of the audition was announced on the 15th anniversary of Morning Musume.