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Otsuka Aina (ex Juice=Juice) to resume her activities

Otsuka Aina (Juice=Juice)Former Juice=Juice member Otsuka Aina announced on her blog that she wanted to resume her activities in the entertainment industry.

Otsuka Aina participated in a show on an internet radio station. She explained that she was a little bit nervous to sing in front of people after 10 months of inactivity but that it was fun. She wants to sing again.


Otsuka Aina withdrew from Juice=Juice and Hello! Project

Otsuka Aina (Juice=Juice, Hello! Project)Otsuka Aina withdrew from Juice=Juice and Hello! Project on July 5.

After a series of discussions between the agency and her family about her contract, they have failed to reach an agreement on terms and conditions.

Juice=Juice will continue its activities with 5 members and make its major label debut this summer.