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Prizmmy☆ Performance!! Music Clip

Prizmmy☆ Performance!! Music ClipPrizmmy☆ Performance!! Music Clip will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 17.

As its name suggests, the DVD and the Blu-ray include 9 music videos from Prizmmy☆’s previous singles.

They are also featuring making-of footage.


Prizmmy – Panpina

Prizmmy - PanpinaPrizmmy☆ will release their 5th single Panpina! (パンピナッ!) on February 20.

The CD contains 2 songs and their instrumental versions.

The single comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music video and its dance master version.

The title song is used as the 4th opening theme for the anime series Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future (プリティーリズム・ディアマイフューチャー). Prizmmy☆ members are also fictionalized in the anime.

“Panpina” is the Japanese pronunciation for the English words “Pump It Up”.