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Tasaki Asahi – Sakura Tokei / Amayo no Tsuki

Tasaki Asahi - Sakura Tokei / Amayo no TsukiTasaki Asahi’s 2nd single Sakura Tokei / Amayo no Tsuki (サクラ時計 / 雨夜の月) will be released on April 3.

It is a double A-side single. The CD contains 2 songs and their instrumental versions.

Tasaki Asahi is a member of Satoyama Movement. She performed at Hello! Project Spring no Dai Kansha Hinamatsuri Festival 2013 (Hello! Project 春の大感謝 ひな祭りフェスティバル 2013) on March 2-3.

Her 1st single Tegami / Rolling Days (手紙 / Rolling Days) has been released on January 16.