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Super Girls no Chouzetsu Adventure

Super☆Girls no Chouzetsu AdventureSuperGirls no Chouzetsu Adventure (SuperGirlsの超絶アドベンチャー) will be released on Blu-ray on March 20.

SuperGirls no Chouzetsu Adventure is a variety show hosted by Super☆Girls. It started airing on Pigoo HD on April 2012.

The Blu-ray box set contains 3 discs featuring the first 13 episodes of the program.

It also includes bonus video footage SuperGirls Team Taikou Chouzetsu Bowling Taikai!! (SuperGirlsチーム対抗 超絶ボウリング大会!!) and Chouzetsu Obaka wa Dare Da!? Super☆Girls Member Issei Gakuryoku Test! (超絶おバカは誰だ!? Super☆Girlsメンバー一斉学力テスト! ).