Team Syachihoko – Tensai Bakabon


Team Syachihoko - Tensai BakabonTeam Syachihoko‘s 5th single Tensai Bakabon (天才バカボン) will be released on May 13.

It is the opening theme song for the anime movie of the same title based upon the manga created by Akatatsuka Fujio.

The music video has been unveiled. More than 5000 clones of Team Syachihoko members participate in a strange parade in colorful streets.

Special effects come from the latest technology used in Hollywood movies. Sakamoto Shota directed the video. He collaborated with photographer Kirishima Roland. They used 84 cameras to take simultaneous pictures of all the members of Team Syachihoko from various angles.

The costumes were designed by Masuda Sebastian who is known for his work with Kyari Pamyu Pamyu.

The B-side Twilight is the tie-up song for Lord of Vermilion Arena online video game. This track is a collaboration between the idol group and Basement Jaxx.

Furthermore, Team Syachihoko revealed a trailer for Makuhari Hollywood concert which will be held on May 9-10. It is inspired by US comics.


  • CD
    1. Tensai Bakabon (天才バカボン)
    2. Ike Ike Hollywood (いけいけハリウッド)
    3. Twilight
    4. Tensai Bakabon (Off vocal)
    5. Ike Ike Hollywood (Off vocal)
    6. Twilight (Off vocal)
  • DVD (Nagoya Limited Edition)
    1. Shampoo Hat (シャンプーハット)
    2. Enjoy Jinsei (エンジョイ人生) (acoustic ver.)
    3. I Don’t Care (アイドンケア)

Music Video (PV)

Team Syachihoko - Tensai Bakabon

Team Syachihoko (チームしゃちほこ)