Trick8f – STARtriangle


Trick8fTrick8f will release their new mini-album STARtriangle on August 21.

This album contains 5 songs, including their latest single Arigatou no Kioku (ありがとうの記憶) and a song featuring FantaRhyme.

Furthermore, Trick8f and FantaRhyme will hold Live Fantasy -Limited Edition 2- on August 17 at Drum Be-1 in Fukuoka.


  1. One Day in Summer ~Kimi ga Boku ni Koi wo Hajimeru made~ (君が僕に恋を始めるまで) feat. FantaRhyme
  2. Arigatou no Kioku (ありがとうの記憶)
  3. Ame ga Yandara (雨がやんだら)
  4. As a Child
  5. Altair & Vega