You’ll Melt More! – Disco Psychedelica


You'll Melt More! - Disco PsychedelicaYou’ll Melt More! will release their new album Disco Psychedelica (ディスコサイケデリカ) on June 28.

This the 5th mini album of You’ll Melt More! (Yurumerumo!) and it will be released under the You’ll Records label.

The MV for the song Unmee was unveiled.

The album will contain 8 songs in total.

The song Furuete Yomigaere of the single Kodoku to Gyakushuu EP will feature in this album in a remastered version.

Artists like Omori Yamako, Polyhayashi, Sunday Camidet, etc., participated in the disc production.


  1. melted
  2. Moi Moi (モイモイ)
  3. Unmee (うんめー)
  4. Waga Na to wa (我が名とは)
  5. Detekoi! (デテコイ!)
  6. Music (ミュージック)
  7. Furuete Yomigaere (remastered) (震えて甦れ)
  8. Eien no my boy (永遠のmy boy)

Music Video (PV)

You'll Melt More! - Disco Psychedelica

You'll Melt More! (ゆるめるモ!)