YuiKaori Live Bunny Flash


YuiKaori Live Bunny FlashYuiKaori Live Bunny Flash!! will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 8th.

Yuikaori concert was held on Februry 2, 2014 at Pacifico Yokohama. The idol group performed 18 songs on stage.

A special trailer and the short version of the making-of movie has been released.

Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori performed solo songs during this event.

YuiKaori Live Bunny Flash!! DVD and Blu-ray include bonus footage.

Furthermore, the idol group is going to hold its 2nd concert tour Hearty Party!! from November 22th to December 7th in Nagoya, Osaka and Chiba.


  1. -Prologue-
  2. Wake Up!! (ウェィカッ!!)
  3. Kimi ga Sekai de Sekai wa Kimi de (君が世界で世界は君で)
    -MC 1-
  4. Shiny Blue
  5. Heartbeat ga Tomaranai! (Heartbeatが止まらないっ!)
  6. Shooting☆Smile
    -Short Movie “Usa-chan to Asobou no Corner” (“うさちゃんと遊ぼうのコーナー”)-
  7. in Wonderful Wonder (Ogura Yui)
    -MC (Ogura Yui)-
  8. Charming Do! (Ogura Yui)
  9. Magic starter (Ishihara Kaori)
    -MC (Ishihara Kaori)-
  10. Sunny Ray Beam!! (Ishihara Kaori)
    -Short Movie “Bunny Land 1”-
    -MC 2-
  11. marble
  12. Hatsukoi Maze (ハツコイメイズ)
    -Short Movie “Bunny Land 2”-
  13. Blitzallies
  14. 圧倒的な GO!!
    -Short Movie “Bunny Land 3”-
  15. Jumpin’ Bunny Flash!!
    -MC 3-
  16. Puppy Love!!
  17. Our Steady Boy
    -MC 4-
  18. Kimi no Yell (君のYell)
  19. Hoshi Furu Yoru no Happy Link (星降る夜のハッピーリンク)

Bonus tracks

  • Kakenukete Blue (駆け抜けてBlue)
  • Yubikiri Calendar (ゆびきりCalendar)
  • Making of Bunny Flash!!

Video (Trailer)

YuiKaori Live Bunny Flash