Alice Juban & Steamgirls – Kamen Joshi

Alice Juban & Steamgirls - Kamen JoshiAlice Juban and Steamgirls have released a collaboration single titled Kamen Joshi (仮面女子) on March 6.

The single contains 3 songs : Zenkai☆Hero (全開☆ヒーロー) performed by Alice Juban, High and Low by Steamgirls, and Wohhhh!!!! by both idol groups.

Alice Juban and Steamgirls are part of Alice Project.


  1. Zenkai ☆ Hero (全開☆ヒーロー) (Alice Juban)
  2. High and Low (Steamgirls)
  3. Wohhhh!!!! (Alice Juban & Steamgirls)