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Tsukimiya Karen (Steamgirls) passed away

Tsukimiya Karen (月宮かれん) (Steamgirls)It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Tsukimiya Karen (Steamgirls).

The member of Alice Project died in an accident in early July, but the news has just been announced by her father via a letter published by the company on its website.


Alice Project formed a new idol unit Game Girls

Game Girls (ゲームガールズ)A new idol unit from Alice project, Game Girls (ゲームガールズ), was formed on February 20.

Game Girls is composed of the following members of Alice Project : Tachibana Anna (fighting games), Mori Kanon (sports games), Sakura Nodoka (RPG), Watanabe Maari (action games), Sakura Yuki (FPS), and Kubota Misa (other video games).


Armor Girls made their debut

Armor Girls (アーマーガールズ)Armor Girls (アーマーガールズ) made their debut on December 31, 2013.

Armor Girls is a new idol group which is part of Alice Project (アリスプロジェクト). It consists of Amaki Jun, Kuroki Hinako, Onodera Naho, Ito Miu, Hoshino Manami, and Kubota Misa.

The 6 girls were previously members of Pa-Ken. They graduated from Pa-Ken on December 30, 2013.


Alice Juban adopted the Deglingos as new mascots

Alice No.10 (アリス十番) × Deglingos (デグリンゴス)Alice Juban (アリス十番) announced that they had adopted the Deglingos (デグリンゴス) as new official mascots for their live performances.

The Deglingos are stuffed animals created by a French brand. The characters are musicians dreaming to become idols someday.

In addition to appearing on stage during the live performances of Alice Juban, special editions of the Deglingos wearing the masks of the idol group will be on sale.


Steamgirls & Alice Project × Oshioki Punch Girl

Steamgirls × Oshioki Punch GirlSteamgirls and Alice Project participated in a special event to promote the video game Oshioki Punch Girl!!! (おしおき☆パンチガール!!!).

Koyanagi Tomoe from Steamgirls cosplayed as the main character Akiyama Momiji.

Alongside with other members of Alice Project (Tsukimura Reika, Yamada Raiko, Aiuchi Nako, Someya Aika, Ume Koume, Kojima Yuuka), she participated in an event held at Oshioki Cafe (おしおき★カフェ) in Akihabara from November 29 to December 1.


Idol Yokai Kawayushi – Kawayushi Arawaru

Idol Yokai Kawayushi - Kawayushi ArawaruIdol Yokai Kawayushi’s major debut single Kawayushi Arawaru (カワユシ♥アラワル) will be released on November 6.

Idol Yokai Kawayushi is a new idol unit consisting of members from Alice Project.

6 editions are available : one solo version for each member, and another one with the whole group. The member who gets the most versions pre-ordered will be the center for the upcoming live events.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring the making-of.

Check out the live video.


Interview : Sato Nanase (Oz)

Sato Nanase (Oz)Oz is an idol group formed in 2012. As its name suggests, the unit is inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

It consists of the youngest members of Alice Project (アリスプロジェクト).

Check out our interview with Sato Nanase (佐藤七彩) from Oz.


Interview : Sakura Yuki (Machikado Keiki Japan)

Sakura Yuki (Machikado Keiki Japan)Machikado Keiki Japan (街角景気☆Japan↑) is an idol group formed in 2013. They are a part of Alice Project (アリスプロジェクト).

The unit has an original concept : the length of the skirts of the members is determined by the evolution of the Nikkei stock average.

Check out out interview with Sakura Yuki (桜雪) from Machikado Keiki Japan.


Interview : Tachibana Anna (Alice Juban)

Tachibana Anna (Alice Juban)

Alice Juban (アリス十番), also known as Alice No.10, is an idol group formed in 2011.

Alice Juban is part of Alice Project (アリスプロジェクト). Along with their sister unit Steamgirls (スチームガールズ), they are one of the most popular underground idol groups in Akihabara.

Check out our interview with Tachibana Anna (立花あんな) from Alice Juban.