Tsukimiya Karen (Steamgirls) passed away


Tsukimiya Karen (月宮かれん) (Steamgirls)It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Tsukimiya Karen (Steamgirls).

The member of Alice Project died in an accident in early July, but the news has just been announced by her father via a letter published by the company on its website.

Tsukimiya Karen was 17 years old. She was known for wearing fake glasses. She was part of Alice Project for a few years. She was a member of Steamgirls and of the units Kamen Joshi, White Milk and Soup Girls.

Tsukimiya Karen had written the lyrics of the song Destiny.

More details : http://pureidolheart.net/2014/09/steamgirls-member-tsukimiya-karen-has-passed-away/

Our thoughts are with her family and her loved ones during this difficult time of loss.

Tsukimiya Karen (月宮かれん) (Steamgirls)



  1. Nowak

    tsc… with lot of bad ppl in the world to die…

    so sad, she so lovely and gentle

  2. monochromefx

    I am deeply saddened to learn of this. I was in Akihabara during summer 2013 and I saw there was some kind of outdoor concert going on. A cute idol in glasses came up to me and gave me a fan, telling me that she’s a member of Steam Girls and asking for my support. I’d never heard of Alice Project before but I looked them up that day and saw that it was Karin who talked to me. I’m sorry I never got a chance to see them live and give my sympathy to her family and friends.

  3. *Mon-san* J-Music Generation

    I received the news this morning and I’m still shocked. I ate lunch alone in the office, I did not see anyone. Our sweet pink Angel Karen left us. In my heart only emptiness and sorrow.

  4. Améthy$te

    Je ne connais pas les groupes dont elle a été membre mais je veux tout de même présenter mes codoléances aux fans et à la famille de cette idole. C’est la première fois que je prends vraiment connaissance du décès des idoles japonaises (à part Hiromi Yanagihara en 1999 ou encore plus loin Yukiko Okada en 1986).

    RIP Karen ! :'(

  5. oxo

    I’m very sad. Karen was wonderful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD1TgcQEmcA

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