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Mano Erina Concert Tour 2012 ~Date~

Mano Erina Concert Tour 2012 ~Date~Mano Erina Concert Tour 2012 ~Date~ (真野恵里菜コンサートツアー2012~Date~) DVD will be released on September 26.

It contains backstage and rehearsel footage as bonus features.

The concert was recorded on June 23 at Zama, Kanagawa. The back dancers are Kaneko Rie, Takagi Sayuki, Tanabe Nanami, and Otsuka Aina.


Passpo Wing Fes Vol.3


Passpo Wing Fes Vol.3 (ぱすぽWingフェス) will take place on October 8 at Zepp Tokyo.

Tickets for the live come with the limited edition of Passpo☆’s next single Wing.


hy4_4yh One-Man GIG


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hy4_4yh’s live One-Man GIG (ワンマンGIG) will take place on September 22 at Shimokitazawa Shelter in Tokyo.