Video game

AKB48 Stage Fighter

Oshima Yuko (AKB48 Stage Fighter)The new TV CM for AKB48 Stage Fighter (AKB48ステージファイター) has been released. In this CM, the challenge of the members of AKB48 is to make the longest jump.

AKB48 Stage Fighter is a video game made in collaboration with Gree. The aim is to help our “oshimen” to become the center girl in order to save the world. It is a card battle game.

The special cards representing Kuramochi Asuka, Oshima Yuko, Takahashi Juri, Matsui Jurina, Izuta Rina, and Shimazaki Haruka have been unveiled.


HKT48 Eikou no Labyrinth

HKT48 Eikou no LabyrinthThe video game HKT48 Eikou no Labyrinth (HKT48 栄光のラビリンス) has started on September 1.

HKT48 Eikou no Labyrinth is a RPG card game. The aim is to adventure around a fantasy world with the members of HKT48 and to complete some quests. Each girl has different skills and abilities.

The video game is available on smartphone and feature phone for free. However it is only in Japanese.

A gallery with the pictures of the cards of all members including Sashihara Rino has been posted.



AKB48+MeAKB48+Me video game will be released on October 25.

It will be available on Nintendo 3DS.

The game is an idol training simulation. The player has the role of a Kenkyuusei who is trying to join AKB48. He participates in different activities : live performances, dance…

The main members of AKB48 are represented as Mii characters. 12 songs are included.


AKB1/153 Renai Sousenkyo (Love Election)

AKB1/153 Renai SousenkyoThe video game AKB1/153 Renai Sousenkyo (AKB1/153 恋愛総選挙) will be released on December 20.

AKB1/153 Renai Sousenkyo is a dating simulation featuring the 153 members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48.

The special edition includes AKB48 making of video (4 DVD, 400mn), SKE48 making of video (3 DVD, 300mn), NMB48 making of video (2 DVD, 200mn), HKT48 making of video (1 DVD, 100mn). It also comes with a special photobook (more than 150 pages), 10 pictures and special download contents.

The game is available on PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.