Izukoneko – Last Summer EP


Izukoneko - Last Summer EPIzukoneko’s new single Last Summer EP will be released on November 23.

The CD contains 5 songs and their instrumental versions.

Moreover, Izukoneko will hold her 2nd one-man live Neko to Kemuri to Akai Curtain (猫と煙と赤いカーテン) with a band on November 4 in Tokyo, and the solo stage Neko to Kemuri to Ao (猫と煙と青) on November 23 in Osaka.


  1. BluE
  2. e.c.l.s
  3. squall cut
  4. e.c.i.n (Remastering Ver.)
  5. straight -Usyn Remix-
  6. BluE (Instrumental)
  7. e.c.l.s (Instrumental)
  8. squall cut (Instrumental)
  9. e.c.i.n (Instrumental)