Ongaku Gatas – Yattarouze! (Day in History)

Ongaku Gatas - Yattarouze!Yattarouze! (やったろうぜ!) is the 2nd single released by Ongaku Gatas on December 5th, 2007.

Ongakau Gatas is a japanese pop girl group and the single reached #21 on the Oricon Chart. In 3 weeks, 9,042 copies were sold.

It was the last single of Ongaku Gatas featuring Muto Miki and Mano Erina.

Also the length of the songs is 11:13.

Track list

  1. Yattarouze! (やったろうぜ!)
  2. Sakaero Habat ake GaSakaero Habatake Gatas Brilhantes H.P. (栄えろ羽ばたけ ガッタス ブリリャンチス H.P.)
  3. Yattarouze (instrumental)

Music Video (PV)


  • Yoshizawa Hitomi
  • Ishikawa Rika
  • Satoda Mai
  • Konno Asami
  • Korenaga Miki
  • Noto Arisa
  • Mano Erina
  • Sengoku Minami
  • Sawada Yuri
  • Muto Mika

Ongaku Gatas - Yattarouze!


  • “Love this Song”
  • “Yossie is so cute!”
  • “For some reason I like this song ! YAY”

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