Tacoyaki Rainbow – Double Rainbow


Tacoyaki Rainbow - Double RainbowTacoyaki Rainbow released their new album Double Rainbow on February 21st.

This is the 2nd album of the rainbow idol group.

The album contains a total of 12 songs including the latest singles such as : Rainbow ~Watashi wa Watashi Yanenkara~ and Money!! Money!? Money!!.

In MV for the song Sotsugyou Love Tasty, we see the members of Tacoyaku Rainbow dancing on the stage at the rhythm of a slow love ballad. Softness is added with the adorable outfits of the idol group.

The album is sold in three editions A, B and C.

The editions A and B will also have a different Blu-ray (including video clips and productions or a live video of the group filmed last September).


  • CD
    1. Double Rainbow -Introduction-
    2. Rainbow Road ~Kakedashita Kutsu~ (レインボーロード~駆け出した靴~)
    3. Ji yuu! So so Freedom! (じゆう! そう! フリーダム!)
    4. Pa Pa Pa Party
    5. Whoop It Up!
    6. Kagayake! Oh Sunshine! (輝け! おっサンシャイン!)
    7. Sotsugyou Love Tasty (卒業ラブテイスティ)
    8. Rainbow ~Watashi wa Watashi Yanenkara~ (RAINBOW ~私は私やねんから~)
    9. Nenjino (ネンジルノ)
    10. Money!! Money!? Money!! (まねー!!マネー!?Money!!)
    11. Nijiiro shinka-ron (虹色進化論)
    12. Double Rainbow -Reprise-
  • Blu-ray (Type A)
    1. Osaka Idol Festival 2017 in TOKYO 2017.9.10 Digest
  • Blu-ray (Type B)
    1. Music videos & Making movie
  • Editions : Types A / B / C

Music Video (PV)

Tacoyaki Rainbow - Double Rainbow

Tacoyaki Rainbow - Double Rainbow

Tacoyaki Rainbow - Double Rainbow

Tacoyaki Rainbow (たこやきレインボー)


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