Up Up Girls – RespecTokyo / Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~

Up Up Girls - RespecTokyo / Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~Up Up Girls’ new single RespecTokyo / Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~ (リスペクトーキョー / ストレラ!~Straight Up!~) will be released on February 20.

This is a double A-side single.

Up Up Girls’ 1st album titled First Album (Kari) (ファーストアルバム(仮)) was released on January 30.


  1. RespecTokyo (リスペクトーキョー)
  2. Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~ (ストレラ!~Straight Up!~)
  3. RespecTokyo (リスペクトーキョー) (Instrumental)
  4. Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~ (ストレラ!~Straight Up!~) (Instrumental)

Up Up Girls – RespecTokyo (Live)

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