Cheeky Parade – M.O.N.ST@R


Cheeky Parade - M.O.N.ST@RCheeky Parade‘s new single M.O.N.ST@R / Colorful Starlight (カラフルスターライト) will be on sale on July 15.

The title M.O.N.ST@R stands for “Manifest of No.1 Star”. The reason is that the aim of the idol group is to become number 1.

The Down the Road ver. of the MV has been unveiled. The video was shot during Cheeky Parade live house tour Cheeky Boot Camp. It also includes scenes from their debut.

Colorful Starlight was originally planned as a coupling song.

This is the 5th single from Cheeky Parade. It is a double A-side.

There are 3 versions, including limited editions available only at HMV and mu-mo stores.

Furthermore, Cheeky Parade Live 2015 Cheeky Monster will be held on June 28 at Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo.


  • CD
    1. M.O.N.ST@R
    2. Colorful Starlight (カラフルスターライト)
  • Blu-ray
    1. M.O.N.ST@R (Music Video)

Music Video (PV)

Cheeky Parade - M.O.N.ST@R

Cheeky Parade - M.O.N.ST@R

Cheeky Parade