Cocolomoyowo – Kokoro Moyou


Cocolomoyowo - Kokoro MoyouCocolomoyowo’s 1st single Kokoro Moyou (心模様) will be released on May 22.

The CD includes 4 songs and their instrumental versions.

The single is produced by Yuta Sakurai.

Cocolomoyowo (ココロモヨヲ) was formed in August 2012. The group consists of 6 members : Mai, Reina, Shion, Miho, Miki, and Kisara.


  1. Kokoro Saika (心咲花~ココロサイカ~)
  2. Cheer!
  3. Re: Fresh! (Re:フレッシュ!)
  4. Fly Away
  5. Kokoro Saika (心咲花~ココロサイカ~) (Instrumental)
  6. Cheer! (Instrumental)
  7. Re: Fresh! (Re:フレッシュ!) (Instrumental)
  8. Fly Away (Instrumental)