Coconuts Musume – Halation Summer (Day in History)

Coconuts Musume - Halation Summer

19 years ago, to the day, was released the first single of Coconuts Musume.

It’s entitled Halation Summer / Summer Night Town (English Version) (ハレーションサマー/サマーナイトタウン(English Version)).

It was released on July 23, 1999 under SME Records label, the same day as the first single of the sister group Country Musume.

The single was written and composed by Tsunku♂.

Idol group Coconuts Musume, featuring Japanese and American members, has been the first one to bring more exoticism into the Hello! Project.

It is used as opening credits of the anime series Kyoro Chan. It will be repeated in 2006 by Berryz Kobo on their mini-album 3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz.

The second song, Summer Night Town (English Version), is an English cover of Morning Musume‘s Summer Night Town, released as a single a year ago.

These 1990s summer songs will make you dance!


  1. Halation Summer (ハレーションサマー)
  2. Summer Night Town (English Version) (サマーナイトタウン (English Version))
  3. Halation Summer (Backing Track) (ハレーションサマー (Backing Track))

Music Video (PV)

Coconuts Musume (ココナッツ娘)