Dianna Sweet – Ice Cream Magic


Dianna Sweet - Ice Cream MagicDianna Sweet‘s new single Ice Cream Magic will be released on July 2.

This is the 3rd single from Dianna☆Sweet.

The full version of the MV has been released.

Ice Cream Magic is a funky and rhythmic song.

The coupling track Koi wa Fusion! (恋はFusion!) is a summer hit influenced by African beat.

Be Crazy is a nostalgic love song.

Go Ahead is a fresh rock song.

3 editions are available. The track listing is the same for each one of them.

The limited edition includes a bonus DVD with the video from Dianna Sweet 1st Live “Kodawari Amatou Matsuri” (ファーストワンマンライブ「こだわり甘党祭り!」).

Furthermore, the idol group will hold its 2nd Live “Sweet Magic Summer 2014” on July 26 at Nagoya Live Hall M.I.D.


  • CD
    1. Ice Cream Magic
    2. Koi wa Fusion! (恋はFusion!)
    3. Be Crazy
    4. Go Ahead!
  • DVD
    1. 1st Live “Kodawari Amatou Matsuri” (ファーストワンマンライブ「こだわり甘党祭り!」ライブ映像)

Music Video (PV)

Dianna Sweet - Ice Cream Magic