Electric Ribbon – Twinkle in you


Electric Ribbon - Twinkle in youElectric Ribbon‘s new single Twinkle in you will be released on May 30

This is the first single with new members Yu, Aoi and Airi, who officially joined Electric Ribbon on March 24.

Check out the MV below.

The cover art of the single was made by STEREOTENNIS.

Only one edition will be available.

The CD will contain the main song, a B-side song Shunshoku Drop, and the song Eyeline (from the previous single), a re-recorded version with the new Electric Ribbon band.


  1. Twinkle in you
  2. Shunshoku Drop (春色ドロップ)
  3. Eyeline (2017 ver.) (アイライン)
  4. Twinkle in you (instrumental)
  5. Shunshoku Drop (instrumental)

Music Video (PV)

Electric Ribbon - Twinkle in you

Electric Ribbon (エレクトリックリボン)