Especia – Dulce


Especia - DulceA reissue of Especia‘s 1st EP Dulce will be released on March 25.

The music videos have been unveiled by Especia.

The EP contains 4 songs and their instrumental versions.

This CD is a limited edition which will only go on sale on HMV.


  1. Knight Rider (ナイトライダー)
  2. Funky Rock
  3. Kirameki Seaside (きらめきシーサイド)
  4. Twinkle Emotion
  5. Knight Rider (ナイトライダー) (Instrumental)
  6. Funky Rock (Instrumental)
  7. Kirameki Seaside (きらめきシーサイド) (Instrumental)
  8. Twinkle Emotion (Instrumental)

Especia – Knight Rider (PV)

Especia – Funky Rock (PV)

Especia – Kirameki Seaside (PV)

Especia – Twinkle Emotion (PV)


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  1. Améthy$te

    Les musiques sont sympas et agréables à écouter, dommage que cet EP soit une distribution limitée.

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