Faint Star – Film! Film! Film!


Faint Star - Film! Film! Film!Faint Star‘s new single Film! Film! Film! (フィルム!フィルム!フィルム!) will be released on February 3.

This is the 2nd single from Faint Star.

The MV has been unveiled. It features English subtitles.

It is the ending theme song for the show Premium MelodiX! (プレミアMelodiX!) airing on TV Tokyo in January.

Songwriters such as Tamai Kenji, Tanaka Hidenori, Matsuno Kyohei, Orange Spotting, Komoda… worked in collaboration with Faint Star. They had already made the lyrics and the music for their debut single koboreteshimattamizunoyouni.

Agehasprings is the producer of the idol group.


  1. Film! Film! Film! (フィルム!フィルム!フィルム!)
  2. Electronic Flash (エレクトロニックフラッシュ)
  3. Menai (メナイ)
  4. Tip Tap

Music Video (PV)

Faint Star - Film! Film! Film!