Fairies – Jukebox

Fairies - Jukebox

The new Fairies‘ album entitled Jukebox will be released on June 20th.

This is the 2nd album of the group of idols who had not released albums for 4 years!

It includes all the singles of Fairies released since the single Super Hero / Love Me, Love You More (2014).

Check out the MV for the song Bangin’ below.

The album will be sold in three editions.

The limited editions will contain an additional DVD or Blu-ray containing the video clips of all the singles since Bling Bling My Love, and some new songs.


  • CD
    1. Bangin’
    2. Bling Bling My Love
    3. Fashionable
    4. Super Hero
    5. Soushi Souai Destination (相思相愛☆destination)
    6. Mr. Platonic
    7. Kiss Me Babe
    8. Mr. Blue Sky
    9. Crossroad (クロスロード)
    10. Koi no Roadshow (恋のロードショー)
    11. Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Synchronized ~シンクロ~)
    12. Let it Go
    13. Hey Hey ~Light Me Up~
    14. ALIVE
  • DVD / Blu-ray
    1. Bangin’ (Music Video)
    2. Fashionable (Music Video)
    3. Super Hero (Music Video)
    4. BLING BLING MY LOVE (Music Video)
    5. Kiss Me Babe (Music Video)
    6. Soushi Souai☆destination (Music Video)
    7. Mr. Platonic (Music Video)
    8. Crossroad (Music Video)
    9. Synchronized ~Synchro~ (Music Video)
    10. Koi no Road Show (Music Video)
    11. HEY HEY ~Light Me Up~ (Music Video)
    12. ALIVE (Music Video)
    13. Bangin’ (Music Video Off Shot)

Music Video (PV)

Fairies - Jukebox

Fairies - Jukebox

Fairies (フェアリーズ)