FruitPochette – The Crest of Evil


FruitPochette - The Crest of EvilThe new album of FruitPochette The Crest of Evil will be on sale on February 25.

This is the first studio album of FruitPochette, also know as Frupoche. The idol group is back with this new disc which is their one for one year.

The CD contains 13 new songs overall. These songs are a mix of music styles like metal (band’s usual style) and j-pop.

The tracklist was revealed. One edition only is available.


  1. Shijima -Lacus- (静寂-Lacus-)
  2. Souten -Paradox- (蒼天-Paradox-)
  3. Jouzetsu -Die Out- (饒舌-DieOut-)
  4. Rakka -Deadly- (落花-Deadly-)
  5. Noroshi -Action- (狼煙-Action-)
  6. Kyouki -Sheer Madness- (狂気-SheerMadness-)
  7. Shakunetsu -Drop- (灼熱-Drop-)
  8. Tadaware -Vainglory- (唯我-Vainglory-)
  9. Ijin -Clever Dick- (偉人-CleverDick-)
  10. Gekijou -Advance- (撃攘-Advance-)
  11. Senmetsu -Effect- (殲滅-Effect-)
  12. Yami -Hapiness- (闇-Happiness-)
  13. Daten-shi -Repose- (堕天使-Repose-)

Music Video (PV)

FruitPochette - The Crest of Evil