Graduation of Ayaka, Ami and Mei from Lyrical School


Ayaka, Ami, Mei - lyrical schoolAyaka, Ami and Mei announced their graduation from Lyrical School in February 2017.

This announcement was made on December 21st.

The date of the graduation ceremony and the last concert of these members will be revealed later.

The members decided to leave the group because of their age (26 and 25), and to rejuvenate the idol group by giving way to younger members in the future.

The other members of the group, Minan and Hime, will therefore suspend the activities of the idol rap group to set up a new structure within the group itself.

Ayaka, Ami and Mei are the last original members of the group. They are members since the creation of the Lyrical School in October 2010, when it was still called Tengal6.

The last live of the Lyrical School’s Guidebook tour will be held on December 29th at Zepp Tokyo.

Ayaka, Ami, Mei - lyrical school