Hachikin Girls – Bouken Hajimaru


Hachikin Girls (はちきんガールズ)Hachikin Girls’ new single Bouken Hajimaru (冒険はじまる。) will be released on February 12.

This is the 6th single from Hachikin Girls. Only one edition is available.

The CD contains 5 tracks including the karaoke version of the title song Bouken Hajimaru (冒険はじまる。).

The coupling track is the image song for Kaiyodo (海洋堂). It is a Japanese company that makes figurines and garage kits.


  1. Bouken Hajimaru (冒険はじまる。)
  2. That’s! Kaiyodo (ザッツ!Kaiyodo)
  3. Hobby Kan de Macchiyukine (ホビー館で待っちゆきね)
  4. Kappararan (かっぱららん)
  5. Bouken Hajimaru (冒険はじまる。) (Instrumental)