Hachikin Girls – Henshin Da


Hachikin Girls (はちきんガールズ)Hachikin Girls’ new single Henshin Da! (変身ダーッ!) will be released on December 4.

It is the 5th single from Hachikin Girls. Only one edition is available. It includes 3 songs.

Henshin Da! (変身ダーッ!) is a fun song for a girl.

The coupling track Yume no Hana wo Sakasou (夢の花を咲かそう) is a love song.

Furthermore, the live performance Hachiking Girls ~Fuyu no Hachikin Matsuri! de Oosawagi Shiyou!~ (はちきんガールズ~冬のはちきん祭り!で大騒ぎしよう!~) will be held on December 8 at Osaka Nagahoribashi Waxx.


  1. Henshin Da! (変身ダーッ!)
  2. Yume no Hana wo Sakasou (夢の花を咲かそう)
  3. Hohoende Hokou (ほほえんで歩こう)