Hakoiri Musume – Etoile wo Yumemite

Hakoiri Musume - Etoile wo Yumemite

The new single Etoile wo Yumemite (エトワールを夢みて) of Hakoiri♡Musume was released on July 10th.

He released under the label Penguin Disc, a sub-label created by Tower Records Japan.

The song was written by Asano Makoto and composed by James Panda Jr..

One edition is available.

The CD contains the title track and a B-side song and their instrumental versions.


  1. Etoile wo Yumemite (エトワールを夢みて)
  2. Minasan, Love & Peace desu ! (皆さん、Love&Peaceです!)
  3. Etoile wo Yumemite (instrumental)
  4. Minasan, Love & Peace desu ! (instrumental)

Music Video (PV)

Hakoiri Musume (ハコイリ♡ムスメ)