hy4_4yh – Hanabeat


hy4_4yh - Hanabeathy4_4yh will release their 16th single Hanabeat (はなびーと) on July 10.

The single contains 3 original songs.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring live footage from Hyper Yoyo GIG Jikkyou Rokuonban (ハイパーヨーヨGIG実況録音盤) held on May 12, 2013.

The songs were arranged by Takano Mandokoro a.k.a. DJ Jet Baron.


  • CD
    1. Hanabeat (はなびーと)
    2. Tickeee Ondo (ティッケー音頭)
    3. Sekai de Ichiban Kawaigatte Kureru Hito (世界で一番可愛がってくれる人)
  • DVD (Limited Edition)
    1. Hyper Yoyo GIG Jikkyou Rokuonban (ハイパーヨーヨGIG実況録音盤) (2013/5/12 Joshikai GIG Yori)

Music Video (PV)