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hy4_4yh – Shibahamax ~Shibahama Daitai Konna Kanji

hy4_4yh - Shibahamax ~Shibahama Daitai Konna KanjiThe new hy4_4yh single entitled Shibahamax ~Shibahama Daitai Konna Kanji (SHIBAHAMAX〜シバハマだいたいこんなかんじ) was released on December 20th.

This is the 20th single of the funk idol group hy4_4yh ; it is also the first for 2 years.

Check out the MV below.


hy4_4yh – YAVAY

hy4_4yh - YAVAY hy4_4yh is back this summer with its new album YAVAY which will be on sale on August 10.

It’s the first album of the idol group under a major label.

The clip of One Night Carnival was unveiled. Watch it below.


hy4_4yh – Yavay Japan 2020 / Oh! Sista

hy4_4yh - Yavay Japan 2020 / Oh! Sistahy4_4yh‘s new single Yavay Japan 2020 / Oh! Sista was released on December 3rd.

As the title of the single suggests, the members of hy4_4yh celebrate the Olympic Games that are going to be held in Tokyo in 2020. It is a double A-side.

The 2 music videos have been unveiled.


hy4_4yh – Tickeee on the Beach

hy4_4yh - Tickeee on the Beachhy4_4yh‘s new single Tickeee on the Beach (ティッケー・オン・ザ・ビーチ) will be released on July 30.

This is the 18th single from hy4_4yh and the first one featuring only Yukarin and Chanyumi. It is a triple A-side.

The music video has been unveiled.


hy4_4yh – Hyper Elekitel Rengou

hy4_4yhhy4_4yh‘s new single Hyper Elekitel Rengou (ハイパーエレキテル連合) will be released on April 23.

For this CD, hy4_4yh formed a new special unit with Nippon Elekitel Rengou (日本エレキテル連合).


Sadachi (hy4_4yh) to study English in New York

Sadachi (hy4_4yh)Sadachi (hy4_4yh) announced that she was going to study English in New York.

However, DJ Sadachi explained that she didn’t graduate or withdraw from hy4_4yh. From now, she is considered as an honorary support member of the idol group.


hy4_4yh – StarTing

hy4_4yh - Star☆Tinghy4_4yh will release their new mini-album Star☆Ting on January 29.

This album contains 7 tracks including dance music and rock songs. The theme is Yavay Dance Music.

The album was written and arranged by Hosoe Shinji, DJ Jet Baron and Takano Mandokoro (Leopaldon).

In addition, the new digital single of hy4_4yh hi-Tunes ~ Yavay Party Anthem is available on iTunes and Recochoku since November 20.