hy4_4yh – Hyper Elekitel Rengou


hy4_4yhhy4_4yh‘s new single Hyper Elekitel Rengou (ハイパーエレキテル連合) will be released on April 23.

For this CD, hy4_4yh formed a new special unit with Nippon Elekitel Rengou (日本エレキテル連合).

Nippon Elekitel Rengou is a female comedy duo consisting of Nakano Soko and Hashimoto Koyuki.

This is a double A-side single.

It is a limited edition which will only be on sale at HMV.

In addition, hy4_4yh and Nippon Elekitel Rengou will hold a live performance on April 23 at Asagaya Loft A in Tokyo.


  1. Bukubuku (ぶくぶく)
  2. ×YO××


Nippon Elekitel Rengou (日本エレキテル連合)