Interview : Yuigadokuson


Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)Winner of the Tokyo Candoll contest, Yuigadokuson had the opportunity to be present at Japan Expo 2016 in Paris Nord Villepinte in France.

During a press conference, the girls talked about various topics concerning their career, their projects, their personalities, idols

Check out this long interview with the members of Yuigadokuson.

Could you introduce yourselves?

– Tokotsume Sakura : I’m Sakura.
– Miyagi Nonami : I’m Nonnon.
– Kido Yuho : I’m Yuho.
– Iwasaki Mai : I’m Mai, the leader.

You had the opportunity to come to France after your victory at the Tokyo Candoll contest. Have you participated just for that purpose or for some other reason?

Iwasaki Mai (岩崎舞) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)

– Iwasaki Mai : We knew that Tokyo Candoll was related to Japan Expo, so that was our goal. We did our best to come to France in Paris. Moreover, this is the first time that our group is performing abroad.

What is the concept of Yuigadokuson ?

– Miyagi Nonami : The name Yuigadokuson means “self is unchangeable”. You have to enjoy yourself. This is also the message.

How did you feel about your live at Japan Expo?

– Kido Yuho : It was the first time that we were performing on such a big stage. The people were very friendly, so I had a lot of fun.
– Tokotsume Sakura : I was especially glad to see the public reaction. There were more and more people during the show. It was very encouraging.
– Iwasaki Mai : Initially, I was stressed at the idea of playing on such an important stage. But people, who may not be familiar with the songs of Yuigadokuson, had fun by dancing and singing with us. I enjoyed it, so I’d like to be back to Japan Expo next year.
– Miyagi Nonami : Unfortunately, no member speaks French. However, we have been able to communicate with the audience through gestures and feelings. At the end, everyone was united and the atmosphere was wonderful.

What are your feelings about this first experience in a foreign country?

– Kido Yuho : We have not had the time to visit Paris yet. But we took the train and we walked around the hotel. The landscapes are beautiful in France. The days seem longer than in Japan. The sun sets later here.

Among your discography, what is your favorite song?

Tokotsume Sakura (床爪さくら) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)– Tokotsume Sakura : This is our latest single which is titled Try! Try! Try!. It is the story of a beautiful girl who gives everything for her love. We can understand the feelings of this young girl. The music is also made so that everyone can participate in live.
– Iwasaki Mai : To my mind, it is Shuwa Summer. With Japanese kanji, the title is written 泡夏. These kanji mean “summer bubble”. It was the opening song of our live performance here on the Karasu stage. The theme is “matsuri” which is the Japanese traditional summer festival. At times, we say “wasshoi!”, and I like when the audience also shouts this word during a concert.
– Kido Yuho : My favorite one is Star Shine. This is our first original song. The style is different. Yuigadokuson is an idol group, but it is also a dance and vocal unit. This tune emphasizes our harmony and the strengths of each member.
– Miyagi Nonami : I prefer Run. I sang on this song for the first time. This song is dynamic, it gives strength to the listener and to the singer. That’s why I really like it.

What are your future projects?

– Iwasaki Mai : Yuigadokuson is an idol group which was created one year and a half ago. Now, we aim to be known by many people. We would also like to go to other countries. We work a lot on it.

What are the qualities that each likes among the other group members?

Kido Yuho (木戸優歩) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)– Kido Yuho : Sakura is the only member who has short hair and who hasn’t dyed it. She is cute. She is strict with herself. On stage, she tried to speak in English to the audience because because she makes more effort than others. She is not the leader, but we like each other.
– Tokotsume Sakura : Maine is the elder. From time to time, she does stupid things, but she boosts the group. She has a strong character.
– Iwasaki Mai : Nonnon is a shy girl, she has a little trouble with people she doesn’t know. But, at the same time, she thinks a lot about each member of the group. She is a very nice person.
– Miyagi Nonami : Yuho acts as a bridge between the group and the audience. She is brave, and she makes a lot of effort to dance. Her quality is to be frank.

More generally, what is the strong point of Yuigadokuson that made you win the Tokyo Candoll contest, and that could bring you success?

– Kido Yuho : It was the first time we participated in an event of this type consisting of competing agains other idols.
– Iwasaki Mai : Our strength is to be together.
– Kido Yuho : With this quality, we were able to get to the top.

Why have you decided to become idols? Have you been influenced by some artists?

Miyagi Nonami (宮城乃奈実) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)– Miyagi Nonami : The first person who influenced me was my older sister. She was taking dance and singing lessons. When I was a child, I was doing like her. Then, I started to like Morning Musume and Hello! Project. I started working on it. Finally, my desire to be an idol came true.
– Iwasaki Mai : When I was 3, I took dance and singing lessons. Initially, it was because my mother and grandmother had great admiration for this business. Then I saw idols who give strength and hope to the people, and I said to myself that I wanted to do the same.
– Tokotsume Sakura : I started after being recruited when I was 13. By working, I enjoyed the contact with the fans and the staff. I have a lot of fun, it is motivating, and that’s why I continue.
– Kido Yuho : I was also recruited when I was 13. Previously, I did a lot of activities, like tennis for example, during a short period of time. When I started working as an idol, I was motivated by the audience. And I will always continue as long as our fans will be there.

Do you have a message for the fans who discovered you at Japan Expo?

– Kido Yuho : We’re not very well known in Japan, but here people thanked us to be present. I’m really happy. Thank you.
– Tokotsume Sakura : I was glad to see the audience. Unfortunately, we don’t speak the same language. We can only say “merci” (thank you) on French, but you managed to communicate with people. Thank you.
– Iwasaki Mai : I appreciated the warm welcome of the people. I want to continue to work and to keep good memories from here.
– Miyagi Nonami : For the first time, we performed overseas. People congratulated us for our success at Tokyo Candoll and thanked us for coming at Japan Expo. I really want to go back to France, and I will keep on working to achieve this goal.

What are your hobbies?

– Tokotsume Sakura : My hobby is photography. In France, there are beautiful captures. It’s motivating and I will continue.
– Kido Yuho : I like going to cafes and eating pastries. I go to several shops to enjoy their specialties. In France, there are certainly many good cafes, so I’ll go find out.
– Iwasaki Mai : I like dancing and singing. I used to go to karaoke 4 times a week for example. I also listen to music and I go to the lives of other artists.
– Miyagi Nonami : I’m a fan of Kamen Rider and Pretty Cure. They are popular now, and I love them.

When you will be back to Japan, what will have changed for you?

– Kido Yuho : We hope that Japanese fans will be waiting for us at Narita airport.
– Iwasaki Mai : More seriously, Japan Expo‘s Karasu stage is the biggest I performed on since the beginning of my career.
– Miyagi Nonami : When I will be back to Japan, I will keep this motivation to live the same thing again.

You came at Japan Expo after famous idol groups such as Morning Musume and AKB48 who participated in the festival a few years ago. How do you feel about it?

– Tokotsume Sakura : AKB48 and Morning Musume are the most popular idol groups in Japan. We are very proud to come here after them. When we will go back to our country, we will work and try to become better than them.

What is your best memory since the debut of Yuigadokuson ?

– Iwasaki Mai : It is Japan Expo of course! We worked hard for this purpose. We are realizing a dream. We have to continue like that in order to improve ourselves.

How did you react the first time that one of your songs aired on Tokyo MX?

– Tokotsume Sakura : It was the first time we did a song for a TV show. Many people discovered us because of this. Now we expect that these people come to us in person.
– Iwasaki Mai : We thought “oh, that’s really true!”.

Furthermore, 2 music videos of Yuigadokuson (Star Shine and Wow, La La La!) are broadcast on Nolife TV channel in France.

– We didn’t know it. We’re happy. Thank you.

How do you explain the popularity of idol phenomenon in Japan?

– Iwasaki Mai : The phenomenon is really important. Therefore, there are many idol and we have to fight hard.
– Miyagi Nonami : But, at the same time, we are not enemies but friends. We can improve this way.

Apart from music, do you have other activities?

– Miyagi Nonami : I’m a fan of Sailor Moon.
– Kido Yuho : I like actress Nagasawa Masami. When I was a child, I was imitating her, I was trying to have the same hairstyle.
– Tokotsume Sakura : I’m fan of Kichise Michiko. This actress is the image of the ideal woman for me.
– Iwasaki Mai : I love music. My favorite artists are BoA, Shimizu Shota and Misia.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?/span>

– Tokotsume Sakura : This is a difficult question… We will do a world tour!

While participating in the Tokyo Candoll contest, have you made friends among the other idol groups?

– Tokotsume Sakura : We competited against Necronomidol in the 1st round and in semifinals. We became friends with the members, and we keep in touch with them.
– Kido Yuho : During the contest, despite their elimination, the other idols continued to come to support all the participants.

During your live, you made several gestures to encourage the audience to participate. Do you enjoy this kind of interaction?

– Tokotsume Sakura : We want people to participate, and that we improve together. We use simple gestures that everyone can do. We want to create a link.

What advice would you give to a young girl who wish to become an idol?

– Iwasaki Mai : I don’t know if I can say it… Don’t give up your dreams. We’re realizing ours. The most important thing is to do something that you really like. I’m getting older, but you have to keep in mind your dreams.

If you hadn’t been idols, what would you do now?

– Kido Yuho : I was studying law at the University, so I would be a lawyer.
– Tokotsume Sakura : I like eating, so I’m scared…
– Iwasaki Mai : I might have become a gyaru. I also like children, so I would have been interested in becoming a teacher.
– Miyagi Nonami : I’m from Okinawa. If I had not become an idol, I would not have left the island to move to Tokyo. I would still play golf.

Would you like to give a concert in a particular country?

– Tokotsume Sakura : In the USA.
– Iwasaki Mai : In Australia, to see the animals and nature.
– Kido Yuho : I love Harry Potter, so why not England.
– Miyagi Nonami : I do not like the cold, therefore Singapore because it’s warm.

If each member could describe herself in one word, what would it be?

– Kido Yuho : Kawaii. Cute.
– Tokotsume Sakura : Not serious.
– Iwasaki Mai : Responsible.
– Miyagi Nonami : Big baby. I came to France with my favorite cuddly toy.

We wish Yuigadokuson all the best in their future endeavors.

Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)

Iwasaki Mai (岩崎舞) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)

Iwasaki Mai (岩崎舞)

Tokotsume Sakura (床爪さくら) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)

Tokotsume Sakura (床爪さくら)

Kido Yuho (木戸優歩) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)

Kido Yuho (木戸優歩)

Miyagi Nonami (宮城乃奈実) - Yuigadokuson (ユイガドクソン)

Miyagi Nonami (宮城乃奈実)