Inuzuka Asana and Noguchi Yume promoted to SKE48 Team S


Inuzuka Asana & Noguchi Yume (SKE48)Kenkyuusei members Inuzuka Asana and Noguchi Yume have been promoted to SKE48 Team S.

The announcement was made during a special live performance on August 4.

Inuzuka Asana is a 4th generation member. She joined SKE48 in 2010 and she was the last one from this generation who had not been promoted.

Noguchi Yume joined the idol group in 2013.

Furthermore, SKE48’s 15th single Bukiyou Taiyou (不器用太陽) is on sale since July 30.

Inuzuka Asana & Noguchi Yume (SKE48)