i☆Ris – Ichizu


iRis - Ichizui☆Ris‘ new single Ichizu (イチズ) will be released on May 22.

It is the 2nd single from i☆Ris.

Check out the music video and its dance version by iRis.

Ichizu is the ending theme song for the anime series Mushibugyo (ムシブギョー) broadcast on TV Tokyo.

The coupling track iDoloid is used as the ending theme song for the TV show Tsubokko (ツボ娘) airing on TBS.

The regular edition includes a bonus track.

The limited editions come with a DVD featuring the music video and other bonus footage.


  • Type A & B
    • CD
      1. Ichizu (イチズ)
      2. i☆Doloid
      3. Ichizu (イチズ) (Instrumental)
      4. i☆Doloid (Instrumental)
    • DVD (Type A)
      1. Ichizu (イチズ) (Music Video)
      2. Ichizu (イチズ) (Off Shot Movie)
    • DVD (Type B)
      1. Ichizu (イチズ) (Music Video)
      2. Mushibugyo Non-Telop Edition (ムシブギョーノンテロップED映像)
  • Type C
    • CD
      1. Ichizu (イチズ)
      2. i☆Doloid
      3. Get Over
      4. Ichizu (イチズ) (Instrumental)
      5. i☆Doloid (Instrumental)
      6. Get Over (Instrumental)
  • Type A / B / C

Music Video (PV)

Dance Ver.