Kawashima Umika to graduate from 9nine


Kawashima Umika (川島海荷) - 9nineKawashima Umika announced her graduation from 9nine.

She will leave the idol group on July 23rd after a last concert at Nakano Sun Plaza.

Kawashima Umika is going to pursue her career as an actress. She has already played in several dramas and movies.

This sudden announcement was made during 9nine Live 2016 Sakura Cloud9 on April 6th at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo.

Moreover, it was revealed 9nine’s new single Ai Ai Ai (愛愛愛) will be released on May 3rd.

Kawashima Umika joined the unit in 2007. She is 22 years old.

Kawashima Umika (川島海荷) - 9nine