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9nine – SunSunSunrise / Yurutopia

9nine - SunSunSunrise / YurutopiaThe new single of 9nine was revealed !

It will be called SunSunSunrise / Yurutopia (SunSunSunrise/ゆるとぴあ) and will be released on August 16th.

The single was produced by Trevor Horn.

The SunSunSunrise song is the theme of Stan Lee’s animated film, The Reflection !, a film in which the members of 9nine participated as voice actresses.


9nine as voice actress in the movie “The Reflection” by Stan Lee

9nine9nine will appear in the new movie The Reflection as an anime character, produced by Stan Lee, known as the father of Marvel comics who created X-Men, Spider-man, Iron Man, and many other super hero comic books.

Murata Hirona, member of 9nine, expressed his feelings by commenting: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard about the offer. It’s like a dream that I’m able to sing a Trevor Horn’s song in Stan Lee’s animation!”.

The main plot of American comics illustrating the conflict between justice and evil. The will appear as one of the characters that will turn into a superhero that will go against the villain, using supernatural powers.


Kawashima Umika to graduate from 9nine

Kawashima Umika (川島海荷) - 9nineKawashima Umika announced her graduation from 9nine.

She will leave the idol group on July 23rd after a last concert at Nakano Sun Plaza.

Kawashima Umika is going to pursue her career as an actress. She has already played in several dramas and movies.


9nine – Happy 7 Days

9nine - Happy 7 Days9nine‘s new single Happy 7 Days will be on sale on June 17.

This long-awaited single is the first one by 9nine for one year.

Happy 7 Days is a dance tune and a summer song.


9nine Dream Live in Budokan

9nine Dream Live in Budokan9nine Dream Live in Budokan will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 17.

It was the first concert of 9nine at this famous venue in Tokyo. The event was held on August 21, 2014.

The girls performed 26 songs including their greatest hits.


9nine 2013 Live Be! Be! Be! -Kimi to Mukou e-

9nine 2013 Live Be! Be! Be! -Kimi to Mukou e-9nine 2013 Live Be! Be! Be! -Kimi to Mukou e- (be! be! be! (びびび) -キミトムコウヘ-) was released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 16.

9nine‘s concert was held on November 4, 2013 at Maihama Amphitheater.

The trailer has been released.


9nine – Magi9 Playland

9nine - Magi9 Playland9nine‘s new album Magi9 Playland will be released on June 18.

The title is pronounced “magic playland”.

The album contains 16 songs including 9nine’s latest singles Re:, Evolution No.9 and With You / With Me.


9nine – With You / With Me

9nine - With You / With Me9nine’s new single With You / With Me will be released on March 12.

This is the 16th single from 9nine. 6 versions are available.

It is the ending theme song for the anime Magi (マギ).

The MV has been released. However, the video is restricted to a few countries.