La PomPon – Bump


La PomPon - BumpLa PomPon‘s 1st single Bump!! will be released on January 28.

This single marks the major debut of La PomPon. It is an energetic and positive pop song.

The MV has been unveiled.

The filming of the video was done on a beach and in front of a hotel. It has a summer vacation atmosphere even if it’s not the period now. The girls show up their dancing and vocal skills.

La PomPon started their activities last summer. The unit participated at the Tokyo Idol Festival and in various other live events.

The name of the idol group is an acronym for “Power of Music” and “Power of New generation”.

Furthermore, the members of La PomPon are going to make their first TV appearance on the show Music Dragon airing on NTV on January 30. Bump!! is the ending theme song for the program this month.


  • CD
    1. Bump!!
    2. Koi no ABC (恋のABC)
    3. Roppongi no Uta (ろっぽんぎのうた ♪)
    4. Bump!! (Instrumental)
  • DVD
    1. Bump!! (Music Video)
    2. Making (メイキング映像)

Music Video (PV)

La PomPon - Bump