Le Lien


Le LienLe Lien is a Japanese female rock band and idol group.

It currently consists of 4 members.

Biography / History

Le Lien is part of Stardust Promotion like Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Team Syachihoko, Tacoyaki Rainbow

The name of the band comes from the French word “lien” meaning “link”.

Each member plays an instrument. They perform rock songs.

Le LienThe concept of the idol group is to combine fashion and music.

The girls are also active as models.

Le Lien was created in November 2013.

They held their first live in March 2014.

Le LienTheir 1st mini-album 530 Nichi (530日) reached the 1st rank in the indies album category on the Oricon weekly chart in April 2015.

Le Lien participated in Japan Expo 2015 in Paris Nord Villepinte, France, in July. This event was their first overseas live performance.

The idol group is going to release its major debut single Ganbari Doki (がんばりDoki) in September 2015 under Universal Music Japan label. It features cover songs from Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku and Team Syachihoko.

The name of their fan club is “famille” (ファミーユ ; family).

Their goal of the girls is to give a concert at Nippon Budokan.


  • Le LienLe Lien (ルリアン)
  • Years active : 2013 – present
  • Label : Universal Music Japan
  • Agency : Stardust Promotion


  • Shione (澤田汐音) – Vocal & Guitar
  • Karin (小山内花凜) – Bass
  • Minami (三瓶みなみ) – Keyboard
  • Hikari (田代ひかり) – Drums



  • 02/09/2015 : Ganbari Doki (がんばりDoki)



  • 29/04/2015 : 530 Nichi (530日)



Le Lien