Love Android – Kyuuseishu Telepathy / Love Love


Love Android (ラブアンドロイド)Love Android‘s 1st single Kyuuseishu Telepathy (救世主☆テレパシー) will be released on November 5.

The idol group’s 1st mini-album Love Love will be on sale on the same day.

Both CDs are produced by Space Shower Music × Roth Project new label Japan Mode.

The songs are catchy pop melodies.

The MV of their song featuring Rolly has been unveiled.


  • Single
    1. Kyuuseishu Telepathy (救世主☆テレパシー)
    2. Kyuuseishu Telepathy naotohiroyama Remix (Orange Rande / delofamilia)
  • Album
    1. intro.
    2. Love Forever feat. Rolly (Guitar)
    3. More More Time (モアモアTime) feat.Shimizu Kohei from A Crow Is White (Guitar )
    4. Suttomo ~your my god friend~ (ずっとも ~your my god friend~)
    5. Renai Fighter (連愛Fighter)
    6. Dear Dr

Music Video (PV)

Love Android (ラブアンドロイド)